Beautiful makes

Want to be distracted for a while? Then you must visit this blog. I stumbled upon the purl bee this morning during my usual blog browsing and I will definitely be bookmarking this one! I want to have a go at making absolutely EVERYTHING on here.

How about these for the Christmas tree this year?

This blanket is just gorgeous.

AND THIS ONE! I seem to have a it of an obsession with chunky wool at the moment.

I know of a couple of little ones who’d be pretty happy with this chappie for Christmas. They might have to wait a while though as making him seems to involve more than 2 needles and right now that might be a little beyond my skillset!

Oh I could go on posting images like these forever but must stop looking at these beautiful projects and get on with my day job. So many projects so little time…


Basket of goodies

Word has spread (or maybe just trickled down the road) to the local landlady about my new little venture and she has asked if I’d like to sell my wares at her pub! So here’s my basket of Christmas cards all ready to deliver to the Star Inn in time for their Christmas parties in the next few weeks. I might just stay for a cheeky glass of wine by the fire while I’m there ….

Toasty cuppas

So, I have myself a little stall at the local school’s Christmas fair and so far have not got much to sell!! Here are some of my mug cosies that I thought would make quite sweet stocking fillers. They’re from a pattern from Mollie Makes, which is a BRILLIANT modern craft magazine. I knit far better than I sew, so prepare to see a lot more knitted products from me!

Sneaky peak at ‘New Baby’ card designs

I’ve had a great time recently designing a range of new baby cards for Cherished Bundles to sell. They are currently being printed so as soon as they arrive I’ll post some more photos.  It’s lovely to spend some time designing whatever pops into my head, in between sipping coffee and gazing out of the window at the beautiful hampshire countryside. A heavenly way to spend an afternoon when times are quiet at Standup8.

Introducing….Made by Sarah with love

Hello! Introducing Made by Sarah with love. I’m not really sure what I am yet! Just a little one man band crafting away and beginning to think about what I can do with my love of all things crafty. I’m a graphic designer by trade and although that can be creatively satisfying, I’ve missed actually making things with my own hands. And I can also be my own client and make whatever I fancy! So, if Made by Sarah with love becomes a thriving business, well that’s great! If it doesn’t then at least I’m making time to do the crafts that I enjoy doing. So watch this space!