Long time no blogging

I’ve decided to adopt the Chinese New Year as the start of 2012 for me this year. I, like many others I’m sure, have been feeling more than a little moochy this month, but all of a sudden, at the beginning of the week, I started to finally feel motivated and inspired again. I went for my first run in over 8 months (and actually enjoyed it!) and really threw myself into my yoga class, even though it was a particularly sadistic one. Since my mood has changed we’ve had a shedload of meetings to coordinate for new work discussions at Standup8, and yesterday my new range of greetings cards arrived from the printers (photos to follow soon!), so finally I’m in a pretty good mood. One of my resolutions for the year of the dragon is to try and post more often so I just need to take some photos of my latest makes and I’ll get cracking. Just to get the ball rolling though I thought I’d post a photo of the snood I made for (ahem) myself over the Christmas holidays. My grandmother has requested that I make one for her so I guess I should put that to the top of my projects list or else I’ll be in trouble! 


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