Power down. Eeek!

Yesterday we had a power cut. It was supposed to be our first day back working and the power was off from 9 – 6. It certainly makes you realise how dependent we are on electricity. No shower for my husband, who was easing himself back into the work routine by having a little lie in! No toast or cup of tea for him (although I’d managed to shower, grab breakfast and a cup of tea, check emails and start a bit of work before IT happened). Couldn’t hoover up the tumble weed-like ball of dog hair I’d seen float across the kitchen floor. Couldn’t tackle the overflowing washing basket. All I could do was sit in the kitchen and knit bunting (i love bunting! I’m sure there will be more posts about bunting in the near future), hoping that the freezer wouldn’t defrost before the power came back on.

So, even though we’ve just received a humoungus accountants bill in the post, I’m going to enjoy the process of making a cup of tea, put a load of washing on and then settle down to some design work and try to remember how lucky I am to have electricity to make my life a bit easier.


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