I should probably explain….

I should probably explain the change of name! I wasn’t totally happy with ‘made by sarah with love’ but had to think of something very quickly before I had my first stall. So, before designing my own little website I had to think of a keeper and came up with ‘the little nest of tea and treasures’. It really sums up where I’m happiest – at home with a cup of tea (maybe some cake!) and beautiful things to make. I probably should have got things sorted from the beginning, but as this whole blogging thing has come about gradually and organically I’m quite happy for a little bit of disorganization and a tiny bit (just a tiny bit) of chaos to creep into this area of my life.

So, this is it now. This is me –


Card making fun

I used to spend many happy hours making and decorating cards and envelopes as a child but then academic studies sort of got in the way and sidetracked me for a while. Over the past couple of years I’ve rediscovered the joys of all things crafty and couldn’t be more in my element! These are some of the recent cards I’ve generated by computer, but I’m in the progress of handmaking some too (photos of these will follow eventually!)

And here’s my little furry friend, impatiently waiting for me to finish taking photos so she can lay in the sunny patch (this photo was taken a few hours ago, and she’s still there!) 

Just need to price this batch of cards up, and then they’re ready to take to my one and only stockist (so far!)

Long time no blogging

I’ve decided to adopt the Chinese New Year as the start of 2012 for me this year. I, like many others I’m sure, have been feeling more than a little moochy this month, but all of a sudden, at the beginning of the week, I started to finally feel motivated and inspired again. I went for my first run in over 8 months (and actually enjoyed it!) and really threw myself into my yoga class, even though it was a particularly sadistic one. Since my mood has changed we’ve had a shedload of meetings to coordinate for new work discussions at Standup8, and yesterday my new range of greetings cards arrived from the printers (photos to follow soon!), so finally I’m in a pretty good mood. One of my resolutions for the year of the dragon is to try and post more often so I just need to take some photos of my latest makes and I’ll get cracking. Just to get the ball rolling though I thought I’d post a photo of the snood I made for (ahem) myself over the Christmas holidays. My grandmother has requested that I make one for her so I guess I should put that to the top of my projects list or else I’ll be in trouble! 

Power down. Eeek!

Yesterday we had a power cut. It was supposed to be our first day back working and the power was off from 9 – 6. It certainly makes you realise how dependent we are on electricity. No shower for my husband, who was easing himself back into the work routine by having a little lie in! No toast or cup of tea for him (although I’d managed to shower, grab breakfast and a cup of tea, check emails and start a bit of work before IT happened). Couldn’t hoover up the tumble weed-like ball of dog hair I’d seen float across the kitchen floor. Couldn’t tackle the overflowing washing basket. All I could do was sit in the kitchen and knit bunting (i love bunting! I’m sure there will be more posts about bunting in the near future), hoping that the freezer wouldn’t defrost before the power came back on.

So, even though we’ve just received a humoungus accountants bill in the post, I’m going to enjoy the process of making a cup of tea, put a load of washing on and then settle down to some design work and try to remember how lucky I am to have electricity to make my life a bit easier.