I’m very busy and important don’t you know.

In the words of my lovely friend Dee ….


Toasty cuppas

So, I have myself a little stall at the local school’s Christmas fair and so far have not got much to sell!! Here are some of my mug cosies that I thought would make quite sweet stocking fillers. They’re from a pattern from Mollie Makes, which is a BRILLIANT modern craft magazine. I knit far better than I sew, so prepare to see a lot more knitted products from me!

Sneaky peak at ‘New Baby’ card designs

I’ve had a great time recently designing a range of new baby cards for Cherished Bundles to sell. They are currently being printed so as soon as they arrive I’ll post some more photos. ¬†It’s lovely to spend some time designing whatever pops into my head, in between sipping coffee and gazing out of the window at the beautiful hampshire countryside. A heavenly way to spend an afternoon when times are quiet at Standup8.

Introducing….Made by Sarah with love

Hello! Introducing Made by Sarah with love. I’m not really sure what I am yet! Just a little one man band crafting away and beginning to think about what I can do with my love of all things crafty. I’m a graphic designer by trade and although that can be creatively satisfying, I’ve missed actually making things with my own hands. And I can also be my own client and make whatever I fancy! So, if Made by Sarah with love¬†becomes a thriving business, well that’s great! If it doesn’t then at least I’m making time to do the crafts that I enjoy doing. So watch this space!